What do I do if my NJ insurer cancels or refuses to renew my policy?

Even “good” drivers can find themselves in the position of being dropped by their current carrier.

Reasons for cancellation of your policy range from a couple of moving violations, or if someone in your household is a high risk and fails to maintain an inforce insurance policy, or you have multiple accidents, or other serious violations that make you a high risk auto insurance risk to insurers.

Regardless of the reason you were dropped or cancelled by your insurer, you need to act immediately to get another policy. Under no circumstance should you drive your vehicle without knowing one hundred percent that you have current insurance. If you do find yourself in the NJ assigned risk residual market pool or the NJ High Risk Auto Insurance Plan, the price may be higher but it may be your only alternative in maintaining your freedom to drive.

Most insurance companies rate a driver with no points for three years as a good or preferred risk. But there are a few things you can do to cut high NJ risk auto insurance costs now! Consider driving an older car and dropping collision and comprehensive coverage’s. If you can accept the risk, carry lower amounts of other standard coverage’s. Get multiple car insurance quotes and compare the market to see all that is available to you.

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