How are points or accidents charged on NJPAIP Car Insurance?

The NJ PAIP eligibility points you may have may be all moving violations or a combination of Insurance Points and NJ MVC Points.

NJPAIP Car Insurance helps drivers with points keep an active policy with the official state of NJ auto plan

They are added together for your total NJ PAIP eligibility points.

For example, an at fault accident is 5 NJ insurance points for 3 years. Add that with a DUI, refusal to take a breathalyzer test, driving suspended or driving without auto insurance in New Jersey, which are 9 insurance points for 3 years from the conviction date in court and you have 14 insurance points that will be added to your moving violations points to determine your total points for your NJPAIP quote.


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NJPAIP Quotes for those with driving while suspended in New Jersey.